Border Management and Migration Controls in TURKEY Report

N. Ela Gokalp Aras - Zeynep Sahin Mencutek | Swedish Research Institute in Istanbul (SRII)

This report examines the border management and migration control regime in Turkey, analysing its main legal and policy framework as well as the organisations and actors involved in policy implementation. Drawing from the empirical material, the report focuses on pre-entry measures, “at the border” controls, controls within the national territory, and return policy fields. The report aims to understand to what extent, and how, Turkey’s border management and migration control measures have changed from 2011 to 2017, how the changes have influenced policy implementations, and what the main gaps are between the legal frameworks and actual practices.

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Border Management and Migration Controls in POLAND Report

Monika Szulecka | Centre of Migration Research, University of Warsaw

The report focuses on the laws and practices of border management and migration control in Poland. It includes a description of the main developments in migration policy and laws concerning border control and since 2011, focusing on the arrival of asylum seekers, the lack of significant changes in the law, and substantial changes in the state's attitude towards immigration. Furthermore, the report provides a detailed description of the legal framework and implementation related to border management and migration control concerning different phases of the migratory process: before entry, at the border, within the territory, and during return procedures.

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Border Management and Migration Controls in SWEDEN Report

Karin Borevi - Mudar Shakra | Uppsala University

From a comparative European perspective, Sweden is generally known as a country pursuing relatively liberal asylum policies. One distinguishing feature of Swedish immigration policy has been the principle that persons who are given asylum are immediately granted permanent residence (although the law allows exemptions from this under certain circumstances).

This report gives an overview of the Swedish legal and policy framework of border management and migration control – how it relates to EU regulations and policies; what key actors are involved in the implementation and what the key issues and challenges are in relation to this field.

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Border Management and Migration Controls in IRAQ Report

William K. Warda - Hamed S. A. al-Maffraji - Nahla Arif - Yohanna Y. Toma - Ayad C. Joffrey | Hammurabi Human Rights Organization

This report focuses on Border Management and Migration Control in Iraq through discussing three main issues, these are: First, it discusses Iraq legal framework defining the pre entry measures; procedures for return, detention and readmission; and key actors involved in Border Management and Migration Control. Second, it provides a conceptualization of Iraq decision makers on the importance of Border Management and the process of regulating the status of refugees and asylum seekers. This includes discussing the challenges and fears of Iraqi politicians paralyzing the process of enacting some important legislations aiming at further development of Iraq legal framework. Thirdly, it discusses the applicable policies and practices, and their compliance with the Iraqi legal system and with the international standards. Additionally, the report includes a conclusion part summarising the main findings of the researching team and their recommendations.

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Border Management and Migration Controls in GREECE Report

Aggelos Ilias - Nadina Leivaditi - Evangelia Papatzani - Electra Petracou | University of the Aegean

This report presents and analyses the legal system, policies and practices regarding border management and migration control in Greece as a EU and Schengen member state. Since 2011, border management and migration control have significantly expanded in the country. A significant number of events and transformations formed the context of the period in question (2011-2018) such as:

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Border Management and Migration Controls in GERMANY Report

Valeria Hänsel - SabineHess - Bernd Kasparek | University of Goettingen

This country report analyses the border management and migration control policies of the Federal Republic of Germany in relation to the policies and regulations of the European Union. It outlines Germany’s hegemonic position within the European Union regarding migration management and border policies. We argue that the securitized perspective on migration policies – including the externalization strategy prevalent in the EU – is to a substantial degree rooted in discourses, policies, legislation and practices of Germany closely interwoven with European policies.

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Border Management and Migration Controls in HUNGARY Report

Daniel Gyollai - Umut Korkut | Glasgow Caledonian University

This report gives an overview of the major developments of the Hungarian border and migration control policy, the subsequent practices and dominant political narratives focusing mainly, but not exclusively, on the past five-year period. It will discuss the role of actors involved in migration governance, the cooperation among them and with international stakeholders.

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Border Management and Migration Controls in AUSTRIA

Ivan Josipovic & Ursula Reeger | Austrian Academy of Sciences

Between 2011 and 2018, legal changes in the realm of border management and migration controls in Austria extended policing capacities and activities targeting irregular migration, with measures arriving in tight conjunction with restrictions at all stages of the asylum procedure. Regarding pre-entry measures, cooperation on cross-border policing with neighbouring countries such as Hungary and Italy was intensified.

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